My daughter has been watching Frosty the Snowman several times a day since I got the Christmas DVD movie pack out the day after Thanksgiving. During the week we have to watch it at least once before bed.  Anyway, in the cartoon the kids are trying to name Frosty and one of the children suggests “Oatmeal!” and the other kids say “Oatmeal?!?!?” in a sarcastic like tone. Hence the title of this blog…it’s stuck in my head and my daughter is always naming her stuffed animals Oatmeal now… 🙂


1/2 oats (your favorite)
1 c. milk (vanilla soy is yum)
1/ 8 t. salt
1/2 banana, smashed (for each serving) 
1 teaspoon of peanut butter (just use the spoon you will be using to eat your oatmeal)
handful of granola (I chose a nut & fruit mix granola)

Put water, milk, salt, and oats in to pot and cook on medium. Once the oatmeal begins to slightly boil 2-3 min,  add the mashed banana and mix vigorously. Allow to cook stirring occassionally until the oatmeal is done, another 1-2 minutes (this will make it creamier).

Divide into serving bowls. (Note: I added PB and a few chocolate chips for my daughter to make PB cup oatmeal)

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