Oh Christmas Tree…

So I think my daughter has a future in cake decorating…maybe she can go work with Duff at Ace of Cakes – or have her own show, she’s definitely cute enough! 🙂

Here is the Ginerbread Tree we made last night. The Green frosting was all my daughter’s doing – pretty good for a 3 1/2 year old! Especially considering the white doesn’t look much better and was done mostly by me! he he he

I’ve decided the cheap point and shoot is just not as good as I hoped.  I got it for the everyday shots and when I travel and don’t want to lug the big camera. I hoped to be able to use it for the blog too, but I’m thinkin’ not.  I’ve seen some pretty awesome P&S shots – those people must get the higher end P&S, I have my big camera for that tho.  Or maybe I should read the manual??? Hmm…that’s a thought.

Tomorrow I hope to get some Prime Rib and Christmas Eve dinner shots and recipes up for you all. MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN!

One Comment to “Oh Christmas Tree…”

  1. Amanda….check out the Breakfast Casserole your Mom is making for Christmas morning breakfast. Liked the cake decoration by Eyden. Have a Jolly, Merry, Blessed Christmas and wish I could be there. Hugs to everyone…………..Love Gram K

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