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January 22, 2010


I’ve decided that my favorite oatmeal is steel cut made with half water and half vanilla soy milk. Comes out creamy with added protein, but without all the fat of milk.


Here are a few more oatmeal ideas! My daughter and niece LOVE the s’mores oatmeal. I make one pot of oatmeal and just add different toppings for everyone who’s eating it. I didn’t use measurements on the toppings I just add a little of it all but not so much that it takes away from the healthiness of oatmeal.

Adding yogurt or a mashed banana to oatmeal is a healthier way to add some sweetness. I also use Agave sweetener or honey.

1c. oats
1/2c. 10-grain hot cereal (I used Bob’s Red Mill)
1c. vanilla soy milk
1c. water
1 tsp vanilla
¼ c. coconut

MIX water, soy milk and vanilla, bring to a boil. Add oats, cereal, coconut and cook on low, simmer for 10-20 minutes until cooked to the consistency you like (unless you’re using quick cook oats it will only take a few minutes to cook).

Add the topping of your choice:

Topping – Date and Nut – MY NEW FAVORITE
1T brown sugar
1T dried dates
small pat of butter
1T toasted pecans

Topping – S’mores
Chocolate chips
Crushed graham crackers

S'mores Toppings

And the finished product….(mixed up a bit)…

1/2c greek style yogurt
1T. honey or other favorite sweetener
Toasted almonds or walnuts

Yogurt Honey-Nut Oatmeal