Wine Country….Ahhh the serenity

I seriously L-O-V-E this place, fell in love…. FINALLY I made it to Wine Country (Sonoma to be exact, well the Russian River Valley, Dry Creek, Alexandar Valley, Santa Rosa Healdsburg to be even more exact) . Wine tasting all weekend some fabulous wines and great food. Can’t ask for a better trip. I bought a few bottles of really good wine – quality is so much different than the cheap bottle in the store. This trip taught me a lot about what I like in wine and it was nice and relaxing. I had such a great trip and was so thankful I got to go. I hope that I get to go again real soon! I was in heaven, food, wine, beautiful setting…ahhhhh it’s my happy place…ha ha ha okay enough of dorking out!

This area was just awesome even though the entire weekend was overcast and rainy I was still in awe! I cannot wait to go see it in the Spring/Summer when everything is growing. Maybe I need to reassess my retirement plan to include buying a vineyard…ha ha ha, when I win the lotto maybe! Anyway, it was an awesome trip and it was everything I always imagined it would be…

Some of the reasons I love Sonoma…

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