Next weekend I’m going to make some Babka bread it looks SUPER good! It has chocolate and cinnamon swirled! MMMM, but takes a few hours at home to make it.

(UPDATE: I made this bread and it didn’t turn out at all! My daughter keeps telling people about how it didn’t turn out…can’t live it down. I will try it again soon. I learned that Peter Reinhart, the author of the book the Babka recipe came from, is going to teach a class in Reno so I signed up! Maybe he’ll teach me how to make it while I’m there.)

On another note, I got my daughter this camera for Christmas and she takes it everywhere. Today I found her taking pictures of her dinner! I was laughing so hard. I was just talking to someone and said she’s probably going to start thinking that everyone takes pictures of their food before eating…LOL!

Have a good Monday!

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