Berries and Ice Cream

Now you surely don’t need a recipe for this, but sometimes we all just need a “reminder” of those simple ideas…

Berries and Ice Cream

1 tub of your favorite vanilla ice cream (or any other flavor)
sliced strawberries
blackberries, halved
whole blueberries

A take on the classic berries and cream, ice cream takes the place of the cream to provide a cool summer treat.  We used blackberries and strawberries which are both really good at this time of year, and you can find them no problem at the Farmers Market. There is something about vanilla ice cream and berries that is SO good and satisfying this time of year, maybe the contrast of sweet, tart, and creamy flavors and textures. The bonus it is a no-cook, no-bake dessert with lots of health benefits from fresh raw berries, so you can feel good feeding yourself and your kids this summer treat.

I am a strong believer in involving kids in cooking and connecting them with what they eat. Kids are more likely to broaden what they eat and try new things if they are involved in the decisions and helping to make food. Berries and ice cream is a really easy way to get your children involved. You can make homemade ice cream with your kids and have them help pick out and prepare the berries.  My daughter and I go to the Farmers Market together each weekend.  We talk about what looks good, taste everything we can, and decide what we want to eat during the upcoming week.  On the day you make this dessert have the kids help wash and cut up the berries (use a butter knife for the little ones). Then make a “station” for toppings so everyone can make their own bowl. Serve some chocolate sauce and whipped cream too! Guaranteed happiness on their faces and in their bellies!

Assemble and eat!

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