January 31 – February 6

Now I know this month is going to fly by because we are getting ready to move. As much time as I think I have to prepare to move and pack it always creeps up on me. I have been tackling at least one room per weekend since we found out we were moving and getting ready to have a garage sale. This time I promised myself I would de-clutter, I have so much CRAP! How do we collect so much CRAP? Completely unnecessary so instead of lugging it all along with us to the new place we are getting rid of it – kicking it to the curb! So this month I am really going to be in need of some fast meals and be able to pull dinners out from the freezer. So I guess I better get on top of cooking a bunch on weekends while de-cluttering.

Last week I had to admit we didn’t follow much of the menu. There were a few things during the week that came up after work so we ate out twice and ate more left overs than I wanted.

Here is next week’s menu:

(Note: this Sunday (instead of spaghetti and meatballs) I am making a slow roasted pork shoulder from Mark Bittman’s The Minimalist column – which sadly is over after 13 years).


Greek Shrimp Scampi w/rigatoni (Thank you Dinner: A Love Story)
(lunch: Meeting in the office)


Roman Chicken (from freezer) – carried over from last week
(lunch: left over greek shrimp scampi)


Sausage, onion, tomato hoagies w/green salad (This Week For Dinner)
(lunch: greek salad w/feta and kalamatas)


Asian Beef Bowl (recipe to follow, this is a great dish and easy to make, you will love it!)
(Lunch: Greek salad – w/feta, kalamata)


Eat Out Night!
(Lunch: left over Asian Beef)


To be announced –


Roasted Chicken – redo (hopefully I don’t get another “bad” chicken).


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