The Return March 13-19

So sorry for neglecting my blog lately. Moving and being sick and having a sick kid have all worn me out. Definitely made it difficult for me to post or have the energy to post after a full day of work too! I am working on getting back into my regular schedule and get my pantry stocked again! The past three weeks have been crazy –living out of boxes before and then after the move. It all makes me feel out of whack! I NEED my routine!

This week I really want to make it easy! Using my crock pot to it’s full potential!


Roasted Chicken mushrooms potatoes and carrots (testing out the new oven – it’s a bit small and I’m worried about fitting a Turkey in it this Thanksgiving)


Slow Cooker Ribs with shallot green beans and white rice


Easy Broccoli Chicken Pasta


Left Overs


Corned Beef and Cabbage (ST. PATRICK’S DAY!)


Homemade Chicken tenders, Mac ‘n Cheese, roasted cauliflower


Pork Tenderloin with balsamic reduction sauce, greek salad

Hope you all enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day week!

2 Comments to “The Return March 13-19”

  1. We had a small oven in a home we rented in Brussels. The first Thanksgiving we discovered our roasting pan didn’t fit the oven when we tried to put a too-big stuffed turkey into it. (Thank goodness for a Weber grill.) For several months my wife carried a measuring tape in her purse and gagued the size of any likely pan she saw. We finally found a pan that would hold a 12-pound (5.5 kg)bird.

    If you start looking now Amanda, you will be in good shape for T-day. Thanks for the blog.

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