Birthday Cupcakes

This month was my daughter’s birthday. For her birthday we had a party at Chuck E. Cheese. All the bad things that come to mind, set aside, this was a fun birthday party. The kids had fun, the food was subpar, but the host guided every moment, moving the party along, with very minimal effort on my part . I had no clean up, all kids left with prizes from their ticket winnings and my daughter felt like she was a V.I.P. The attention the hosts pay to your party is worth the cost of this party. I will tell you I cannot throw a kids birthday party at my own house for the price of Chuck E. Cheese and include everything they do, with no clean up and a personal host. My suggestion, definitely do not go there expecting anything even mediocre from their food, bring your own cake and tell the adults to eat before they come. Kids will eat the pizza without complaint or care and really they are there for the games and the cake! All-in-all I was pleased with our experience and am likely to hold another Chuck E. party. My daughter really liked the ticket blaster (as seen on TV), she had a blast.

On with the food. We made cupcakes twice this month for my daughters 5th  birthday (I am blown away that my baby is now 5 – a school age kid – not a toddler, not a preschooler – but a kid!). For school we made marble cupcakes with vanilla frosting. For her party we made vanilla confetti cupcakes with marshmallow flowers.

Marble Cupcakes


IMG_6925-31 IMG_6947-50

Real easy use my vanilla bean cupcake recipe and frosting excluding the vanilla bean (just use extract the delicate bean will be overpowered by the chocolate so save your money on expensive beans) remove 1 cup of cake batter and stir in 1/8 cup of cocoa powder. Fill each cupcake liner with vanilla batter. Dollop a few teaspoonfulls of chocolate batter into the vanilla batter. Using a toothpick swirl the batters together. Do everything else the same in the vanilla bean recipe.

I just frosted the cakes with vanilla buttercream (in the vanilla bean cupcake recipe) and let my daughter sprinkle on the decorations. Everyone loved them. We walked into school and you would have thought we had mini-paparazzi following us!

Confetti Cupcakes

Again, use the vanilla bean cupcake recipe and frosting (minus the vanilla bean, just use vanilla extract) and stir in some decorative sprinkles – those long skinny, waxy sprinkles work great!


IMG_7076-117 IMG_7097-136

Bake the cupcakes the same as in the vanilla bean recipe.

Now for the decorating. I used the vanilla buttercream frosting (see vanilla bean recipe, minus the vanilla bean again) and dropped a few drops of red gel food coloring in to make it pink.

On wax paper lay out small piles of different colored decorating sugars. Take a marshmallow – hold it horizontally and cut it into thirds, maybe even in quarters if you want thinner petals. This creates an oval shaped petal, you can press the marshmallows between your hands to flatten them a little and stretch them to make longer petals (I didn’t figure this out until after). Press the cut side into the sugar and set aside.


Frost the cupcakes with the pink frosting. Set 4-5 marshmallow petals in the frosting on top of the cakes and use a jellybean for the center.


Hope you enjoy these!

2 Comments to “Birthday Cupcakes”

  1. Hi, reading your blog for the first time and loving the pic of your daughter helping out with the cupcakes in this post :]

    However, at first scroll through the page, I felt that your visual appeal is downplayed by the small sizing of the images.
    Not to mention I first thought they were stock images which are a huge personal turn off =/

    I understand that its probably to minimize loading time, but I believe your blog would be so much more attractive if readers could salivate over your yummy goodies without having to click on each image for a better look.

    Simply put, larger images would showcase your photography much better as well as capture and, more importantly, sustain readers’ interests.

    Just a little comment on your lovely blog =]

  2. Thanks for the input and suggestion! I will try it out!

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