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April 3, 2011

April 4-10: This Week in Dinner

Can I just tell you how much I love my iPhone! This is probably the first phone that I have ever purchased that I have committed to buying again, once it breaks! Those guys at Apple are genius! I want an iPad now too! I am not partial to Apple and I know plenty other brands have great products – I’m just so used to my iPhone and iTunes and getting Apps that I’m afraid to use another brand and being disappointed at the availability of Apps and ease of use. Plus, I have an iPod and a lot of money invested in my iTunes library – see how the companies get you “stuck.” Okay well enough of my iPhone rant! (I don’t know what I did without my iPhone…just sayin’).

There was a point for my rant, I just purchased the “How to Cook Everything” App on my iPhone this week. It is FANTASTIC! You pay a one-time $5 for the App – you get a daily featured recipe, 2,000 recipes, 400 how-to illustrations, conversion tool for measurements, Mark Bittman’s cooking guidance – and more! The book is $35 and this App is only $5! THAT’s a steal (not that you get the entire book in the app, but man you sure do get a lot)! (I will still buy the book, I know it’s silly) I highly recommend this App. This was one of iTunes top ‘foodie’ recommended Apps so I had to get it.  There is a free version if you want to try it out first.

This week in dinner, I have chosen two of Mark Bittman’s recipes from this App – one featured recipe and one “quick meals” recipe. If you don’t know Mark Bittman, he is a NY Times columnist – just ended his food column of many years, the Minimalist, and now he will have a column in the Opinion section. Bittman wrote How to Cook Everything and Food Matters. He is a health conscious foodie.  Close to my heart, he is a writer and has never had formal training as a chef, but he is very well known and respected in the food world. Check out his blog here.

This week in Dinner: 


– Chunky Vegetable Soup (featured recipe on How to Cook Everything App)

(Lunch: left overs)


-Sausage Kale Stew (this came from a Dinner: A Love Story blog reader)

(Lunch: work meeting lunch)


– Tomato and Cheese Frittata (How to Cook Everything App – quick meals section)

(Lunch: work meeting lunch)


– Left over Vegetable Soup

(Lunch: Ham and Cheese Croissant w/light Caesar salad)


– Eat Out!

(Lunch: left over Sausage and Kale Stew)


– To Be Decided


Dinner w/friends: Asian Mexican fusion (kind-a)

Spicy Avocado Eggrolls, Seared Ahi and Margaritas.