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September 25, 2011

Weekly Menu September 25-October 1

First off, I cannot believe October is in the title of this post! Really?! the holidays are about to begin?!

Okay, now, Weekly Menus! Now that this Summer-thing is out of the way and moving and unpacking are almost complete, I want to start up the weekly menu share again. So here it is…


Pot Roast (my grandma Kamon’s recipe – tweaked)


– Chicken Noodle Soup (my daughter’s favorite and she’s sick this week so we are busting this favorite out)


– Turkey Tetrazzini (my good friend Linda brought me some of her Tetrazzini…Mmm can’t wait to eat it!)


– Roasted Cauliflower and white bean pasta


– Balsamic and brown sugar slow cooked pork roast  (New recipe!) with roasted Brussels sprouts (if I can find any…no luck yet!)


– Pasta Puttanesca with a simple salad and  vinaigrette

This is our usual “eat out” night, but since we have done that so much while packing and moving I’ll save it for another week.


– Grilled Marinated Chicken with grilled zucchini