Food Truck Mania (Part II)

The food trucks pulled into town this past weekend and created a pretty big scene. By 11:45 when I arrived there were already lines forming. I’m glad I arrived early because as the day went on the lines seemed to get longer. Seeing the turnout on this event is just awesome. Food can always bring people together and this weekend the Gourmet Food Trucks really brought Carson City out and about.


I spoke with Fat Daddy’s Ice Cream and they commented on how nice people up here in Carson City have been to them. They were thrilled to be in such a beautiful place with great people.  Hopefully that means they will be back!  I tried the Chocolate malted crunch and my boyfriend tried the chocolate brownie with white chocolate topping. Both were super tasty. My chocolate malt crunch was crunchy and packed with malty flavor, which is my favorite. The ice cream was creamy and thick and did not melt faster than we could eat it (that is a real downer for me when my ice cream melts before I can eat it all). And Fat Daddy’s has some really fun marketing.




Again I visited my friend Phil at Traffic Jam, and this time he had Tri Tip on stick which was even better than the last time! Amazing! The next time I think I’m going to taste his Victorian Chicken Salad Sandwich with cranberries, apples, and almonds.



Of course I had to try Kenji’s tacos, at $1.50 a piece they were a huge steal! Chicken was my favorite but I tried the pork and beef as well. They blew me away. After waiting 40 minutes (this was average for most trucks by about 1pm) I would say they were well worth the wait. I will definitely be back to visit them in Reno on a Food Truck Friday. And on top of good food, they have good personality.





Next we had to try Slap Yo Mama. The name alone made me want to try this truck, but even more, the Snoop Dogg Montecristo (which this truck had the honor of making for Snoop Dogg himself). Two waffles, fried chicken breast, mac ‘n cheese dipped in batter and fried! Yes the heart attacker is what it should be called. Now I can say I really get what chicken and waffles is all about! This sandwich was extraordinary, definitely not an every day treat, but on occasion it would be okay.  A friend of mine got the soft shell crab sandwich and we tried that. It was super good too, with a spicy sauce, oh yum. Typically I don’t like soft shell crab, but I was surprised it was cooked perfectly!

Suge Knight – red velvet waffle topped with 2 pieces of fried chicken with butter and maple honey:


Snoop Dogg Cristo: fried chicken, mac ‘n cheese between two waffles, batter fried and toped with powdered sugar & syurp (super YUM):





and they entertain…


And of course I tried the Nom Nom truck. The runner-up in the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race. Now I know that sounds funny, a show about food trucks, but I only got hooked because I happened to come across the show one night, and because it was hosted by Tyler Florence, who I really like and respect as a chef. This truck had an amazing following on the show and I can now say I have tried a Banh Mi. Chicken, pickled carrots and onions, jalapenos, cilantro on a roll. Those who know me, know I love cilantro and lime and onions. It’s one of my favorite combinations, so naturally this sandwich was a need to try. Fortunately for me when I finally made it to the truck I ordered the LAST Banh Mi for the day! I cut it so close! Very happy I was able to get to taste this sandwich. About half the way through the crispy sweet pickled veggies the heat of the peppers kicked in. Oh my is this sandwich good, but glad I shared it with a friend, my lips were on fire. I am not usually weak when it comes to spicy foods, but they have some nice hot peppers.  In the photo below you can see just one of the many green peppers, it is sitting on the very top. This sandwich has so much flavor, I highly recommend trying Nom Nom if you make it to San Francisco or if they return for next year’s Food Truck Festival.




Thank you Casino Fandango for holding such a really awesome unique event for our little city! Such a great experience it was, and I will attend any future events. Hopefully this event had a big enough turn out for the Fandango to hold another.  Now I will make more of an effort to head to Reno to test out more of our local food trucks, especially DISH truck and Gourmelt. Unfortunately we did not make it to those and both trucks. Both are well known for their outstanding menus so I cannot wait to try them!



One Comment to “Food Truck Mania (Part II)”

  1. Yes Carson City had a HUGE turnout that day! It was amazing to see all the trucks together which brought a families out for a fun day. It was a great success!!! My favorite is KENJI’S by far!!! Great food, LOW PRICES, and great service!

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