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We live in Northern Nevada, close enough to Lake Tahoe to enjoy it, but down the hill away from the winter snow. In our house we have me, my husband, and our three elementary aged kids. I work full-time as a paralegal. So our life is hectic, and never dull! My passions are cooking and photography.  I spend more time than I should reading recipes and studying photography, but I cannot help it. Something about these two things give me that love-at-first sight feeling every time. It inspires me to be creative. Aside from my family, food and photography are the loves of my life. My cooking is very focused on the three kids of the house, and exposing them to as much as possible so they will grow up with good eating habits. Eating locally has become very important to me and my goal is to support the local farmers and those that support sustainable and healthy practices.  Not only is eating locally good for our environment but eating locally means you are eating healthier.  Local produce and meats are prepared with more care and concern, than most large-corporate companies. Summer trips to the farmer’s market are a weekend ritual in my household (I do envy warmer places that get to have farmer’s markets practically year round).

What you will find on my blog are things made entirely from scratch – such as cakes, frostings, and bread. You will also find comfort foods, those traditional meals, you can make at home with little, to no, boxed and pre-prepared ingredients. My cooking philosophy is to make what you eat with your own hands, rather than out of a box or from those chain restaurants. Eat locally at those small, local businesses and support great restaurants that have these same ideals.

My  hope is that those of you reading can take away at least one thing that is of use to you!  Thanks for reading and please leave some comments and suggestions of things you’d like to see!

Email me at: stuffurface1@gmail.com


3 Comments to “About Me”

  1. Just thought I’d tell you my opinion on your baking, since I’ve had the privilege of tasting some of your pastries (“I thinks it’s AWESOME”);O)

  2. Dear Amanda,

    I was pleasantly surprised to see your recipe for Kolachi in today’s Nevada Appeal. In my family, we just called it nut bread. My mother also made a version with poppy seed filling. I grew up in a Slovak family in New Jersey, and I have never seen this recipe mentioned anywhere outside of our family!

    Also, I have a question to ask you about your work as a paralegal. Will you please e-mail me privately at your convenience?



    • Theresa – My aunt makes it with the poppy seed filling she made some this year for me, after I found the Solo filling in the grocery store. That is neat your family makes Kolachi too! 🙂

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