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June 4, 2010

Smoked Ribs

The more I do this the better I’m getting…or should I say the better my Ribs are getting! These were the best by far…check out the smoke ring!

I used my Rib Rub recipe – coat baby back ribs with the rub and allow to sit one hour.

Rib Fairy Dust (Just for those guys out there… 🙂
3T. Kosher Salt
3T brown sugar
3T black pepper
2T paprika
2T garlic powder
2T onion powder
2t. mustard powder
dash of cayenne (or more if you like the heat)

Heat your smoker – I use an electric smoker (there are people out there that will give you crap for using electric, but don’t let them get you down…charcoal is NOT the only way…just keep on smokin’!) I use hickory wood because it’s what I like best. Use whatever wood fits your flavor.

Once the smoker is heated lay your ribs on the racks make sure you put a thermometer in the smoker as close to the midde as you can, if you don’t have one build in on your smoker. Keep your smoker at 225 or as close to that as possible throughout the smoking process.

Add wood chips or chunks about every 30 minutes for the first 2 hours and then once an hour thereafter. It takes about 4 hours for two racks of baby back ribs to cook. (May take less on warmer days) These ribs came out with that right amount of pull from the bone, and not falling off the bone (which is overdone for me).

Serve dry or glaze with barbeque sauce during last hour of smoking.

See another method I used if you don’t have a smoker – thank you Meathead at Amazing Ribs